About Me

Carol Delledera is the primary “creative brain” behind the handmade pottery of GlitzNGlaze Studio. Her designs are whimsically fun, with special attention to color and detail. The lifelong passion for clay began in childhood, as a tomboy obsessed with barefoot adventure and a love of sculpting all things in the mud. After decades of raising a family, business management, and employment in healthcare, Carol found her way back to clay as an artistic medium. 

GlitzNGlaze is a small batch pottery studio with many unique one of a kind items. The brand is all about vivid color complements and contrasts, lots of texture, and a “bit of glitz.” Intended to be fun and intricately detailed, you’ll find functional ware, sculptural decor, and ceramic jewelry as some of the unique items on the glitznglaze.com website. The Etsy shop is reserved for ceramic buttons and DIY components for jewelry designers. 

“The knowledge base for ceramics requires a lifelong journey, with a slow learning curve. It offers lessons in humility, patience, and persistence to overcome many creative failures. Even after 20 years of adult study in this medium, I find I’m still learning with a sense of childhood wonder. Color development requires years of testing and experimentation, as well as a significant understanding of chemistry. Great consistent results happen only after many years of testing failures!”