Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you do custom orders?  As a general rule, I do not, unless the item requested is simply a different color or glaze finish that I already create. An exception to this would be requests for an item that is shown out of stock, but is repeatable. 

  • What is your return policy? I want you to be happy with what you purchase from GlitzNGlaze. If you feel an item is not what you ordered, please reach out to me at Please refer to the shipping and returns section for further information on our policies.

  • Can I put things in the dishwasher or microwave? For the most part, my functional ware is designed to be both microwave and dishwasher safe. When there are exceptions to this rule, an indicator of such will be included in the item. My functional items are created from stoneware clay that has been fired up to 2200°.  I generally do not use specialty finishes such as lusters or gold on functional ware, as these finishes make an item require hand washing and more fragile to every day use.

  • What is your creation process? I fire in an oxidation environment up to a cone six temperature, which is just below 2200°F. All items are fired a minimum of two times, once for a bisque fire, and at least once for glaze firing. Some processes require multiple glaze firings.

  • Do you teach classes? Yes! Classes are taught in cooperation with my local arts center here in Bedford, the Bower Center for the Arts. If you do not see a current listing available on their website, you may reach out to me at to create a special offering for groups with a minimum of four participants.